Weekly Calendar Picks

Not much of a theme this week, folks. But you’ll notice some early times in this week’s calendar! Hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend and get to enjoy some local tunes.
10 p.m. Donations, please
Moths, Black Moon, Movie Star Junkies, Timmy & the Tumblers
Green Room
10 p.m. Free
Death on Two Wheels, Feather Trade
Caledonia Lounge
10 p.m. $5
Save Grand Canyon, Yo Soybean
Caledonia Lounge
10 p.m. $5
Blue Blood, Thayer Sarrano, Brothers, Jims Brown
ACC Library
3 p.m. Free!
The Green Flag Band
Nowhere Bar
10 p.m. Free
Blues Night With Big C
The Melting Point
7 p.m. $5

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