We’re Not DEAD! Promise!

Hey gang, just thought I’d fill ya in on what’s going on here at AMJHQ.

So, you’ve probably noticed that we’re not posting as much as we used to. There’s multiple reasons for this. AMJ has always been run by myself (Jordan) and another person (usually an intern). It’s hard to get everything done and as a perfectionist, I’d rather let things be idle for a bit instead of putting out a half-assed thing.

But I felt like I should at least mention that AMJ is in no way dead, we’re just revamping things a bit. Firstly, MOTHERFLIPPIN’ PODCAST IS COMING. Those of you who know me from my WUOG days know that I love radio and so I’m currently working on the first season of the ATHCAST.

Secondly, I’ve started up a bi-weekly blog called Let’s Deflower the Kid that looks at the music industry as a whole, not just as an Athens thing.

Thirdly, we’re working to bring you a videocast/youtube channel of bands in the basement. Literal bands playing tunes in my literal basement. As you can imagine, I’ve had to scrape some $$$ for supplies together but we’re nearly there!

Fourthly, exhaustion. I’m one person currently working a 9-5 with freelance gigs helping pay the rent. But AMJ has always been my pride and joy and will continue, I swear.

Fifthly, format. It’s been a rough couple of years for music blogs. A lot of my favorite places on the web are now no more. So I, along with some friends, have been looking at ways to better format this site/blog/thingy of awesome so that you’ll get it where you need it. I’ve learned to make .gifs, program things, design sites, etc. just for you guys. So please, hang in there. Right now it’s looking like MARCH 1st for a relaunch of the site with the other things coming soon after. Thanks for everything and we’ll see ya soon.

Jordan Stepp

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