Monthly Archives: March 2014

Spring Time Hangouts

Our good friends over at Athens, GA Weather have forecast a bright and sunny week for us! To celebrate this wonderful weather we’re having after a too long, too cold winter, I thought we’d take a look at some of the best places to hang out and catch some music outdoors. LITTLE KINGS Little Kings […]

Keepin’ In Touch

Hey gang! With the relaunch of AMJ going on, I’d just like to remind you of the myriad of ways you can stay in touch with all things Athens music! We post on our Facebook page a TON. Make sure to click the “Liked” button and select “Get Notifications.” F-book’s always changing the way pages […]

Where the Wild Crowds Are

One of my favorite things about the Athens music scene is how it’s perceived from the outside. Usually when some entertainment reporter/lifestyle blogger talks about it, they trot out the ol’ “home of R.E.M. And the B-52s” line. As well they should, considering those bands are our most famous exports that aren’t drenched in red […]

Don Chambers’ “Disquietude”

I must admit that I’ve been digging the more experimental direction that Don Chambers has been taking lately. The gruff voiced, heavy hitting oracle of Athens is known for his Tom Waits like voice and stomping rhythms, so it’s nice to hear some strangeness coming out in the form of more experimental mixing. Disquietude is the […]

This Week’s Hits

Here are the shows you can’t miss this week! Tonight Caledonia Lounge $5 9:30 Words of the Woods Gumshoe Historic Sunsets Wednesday Go Bar 10 pm Woodfangs Wieuca Thursday Flicker Theatre $5 9 pm King of Prussia Case Conrad Old Smokey Friday Green Room $6 Happy Happy Birthday to Me Weekender Marshmallow Coast The Visitations […]

Assorted Slingshot Musings

There’s little I can add to the avalanche of deserved praise that Slingshot is getting. So I thought I’d give some awards out based on my thoughts at the time I saw these groups, all of them gathered here for your entertainment. Best Band to Move Here: Kishi Bashi Best Band I Wish Would Leave […]

Art Night at the Bulldog Inn

The Bulldog Inn was the last place I expected to find myself on a Thursday night. The Inn is one of those structures on the edge of town that you sometimes either ignore completely or remark “Glad I’m not staying there tonight!” as you drive into a place downtown. But for years now, there’s been […]

Athens Music News Roundup!

Well guys, we’re right at the beginning of Athens Slingshot. Hope you’re all enjoying it as much as we are. If you’re having trouble deciding what to see, maybe give our post from yesterday a peek. There will be a Rock and Roll Celebration for the late Buren Fowler at the 40 Watt on April […]


Hello again dear readers! Boy, do we have an exciting week ahead of us! This, my friends, is the first day of Athens Slingshot! Ever wanted Athfest with more tech, less heat and a lot more band diversity? Here it is! Naturally, this cultural explosion of a festival is headed up by local legend and […]