ImageHello again dear readers!

Boy, do we have an exciting week ahead of us! This, my friends, is the first day of Athens Slingshot! Ever wanted Athfest with more tech, less heat and a lot more band diversity? Here it is! Naturally, this cultural explosion of a festival is headed up by local legend and tastemaker Kai Riedl (Electrophoria/UGA music prof/art loving badass).

The sheer size and spread of this festival is a bit overwhelming! After party at a new local brewery featuring Kevin Barnes (of Montreal)? SURE! Music and video animation at the Georgia Museum of Art? YUP!  Japan night? GOT IT! Hackathon at Little Kings? OMG YES! Not to mention that the tickets to all of this are incredibly cheap for a festival of this size…

So what should you go see? Well, hope that one of the tech guys makes a time machine because I could honestly recommend everything. But I’ll do my best to highlight some DO NOT MISS stuff for each night.


WHO: Tinariwen at the Georgia Theatre

WHY: For those of us who have to get to work on Thursday morning and still want to enjoy an incredible show. Urgent, hypnotic, and a definite perspective changer. Get out of your comfort zone for this one.


WHAT: ART KICKOFF at Lamar Dodd/Georgia Museum of Art

WHY: Because it’s an art festival too! Thankfully, LD and GMOA are right near each other. Just make sure to pop into Dodd around 8 p.m. for Quiet Evenings


WHAT: Experimental Films and TechTalk at Morton Theatre

WHY: It starts right at 5 p.m. and gives you a place to camp out and learn things. Stick around for music from Thayer Sarrano (8:00) and Lera Lynn (8:30). You’re right near a bunch of local eateries so go do that and then make your way to…

WHAT: Programs at the 40 Watt (9:30)

WHY: They don’t play as often as the other bands listed at this time but they are phenomenal plus you’re in a prime location to walk around during lulls. Take this opportunity to see some of the local art installations in the area or check in at the Hackathon happening at Little Kings.


Timi Conoly/Fuzzy Sprouts (10:00, Green Room), Elf Power (11:00, 40 Watt), White Violet (11:30, Caledonia), Sunbears (Midnight, Max Canada)


WHAT: TechSHOT at the Morton

WHY: We’re starting the day early (2 p.m.) with some tech talk before heading over to Cine for Soundscape (3:30). Grab a bite to eat afterwards (some tix come with discounts for local eats!) and prepare thyself…

WHAT: Kishi Bashi at Georgia Theatre

WHY: Because he’s the closest thing to heaven on earth your ears will experience. He’s ours now since moving to Athens, let’s give him a warm welcome! Inventive, uplifting, and fun. This is the can’t miss show of the season.


Onyx Ashanti (8:00, New Earth), Hand Sands Hands (8:30, Flicker), The New Sound of Numbers (9:00, Caledonia), Fine Peduncle (9:30, Flicker), Monsoon (10:00, New Earth), Lost Tapes (10:00, World Famous), Del Vinicci (10:30, Flicker), Glasscrafts (11:30, Max Canada), Washed Out DJ Set (Midnight, Green Room)

Got all that? See ya there!

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