Assorted Slingshot Musings

Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun

There’s little I can add to the avalanche of deserved praise that Slingshot is getting. So I thought I’d give some awards out based on my thoughts at the time I saw these groups, all of them gathered here for your entertainment.

Best Band to Move Here: Kishi Bashi

Best Band I Wish Would Leave Atlanta for Us: Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun

Venue I Spent All My Time Thinking “What the hell is this awesomeness?!”: New Earth Japan Night

Best Band I Saw That I’ve Seen A Bunch Because They Used to Play With This Band I’ve Worked With: The Winter Sounds

Band I Wish I Could Book to Play Me To Blissful Slumber: White Violet

Band I’m Rather Irked That I Didn’t Get to See: Programs

Band I Ran Into EVERYWHERE: Happy

DJ Parties I Couldn’t Get Into: Kevin Barnes, Washed Out, etc.

Shout Out To: Lemuel Hayes, good luck in Nashville dude.

Special Thanks To: Gordon Lamb for attempting to educate the folk of Athens on how to properly wear and use a wristband. Keep fighting the good fight.

Baby Come Back Award: Jonah Ray! Come comedy at me! Please!

Great to See Stuff In Award: Morton Theatre. Let’s have more stuff there, ok?

All joking aside, Slingshot is my new favorite thing and I’m excited to see how much it’ll grow next year.

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