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Athens Music News Roundup!

Ah, May is just a few days away. Soon the students will be gone, the sun will be shining, and we’ll all be able to get around town without traffic clogging up College Station Road every day. Now, on to the NEWS! Kishi Bashi‘s Lighght is streaming in full at NPR. The album is out […]

Spring Break, Yo!

Hey gang, We’ll be back the week of April 28th. We’re taking a short break to get some non bloggy related things settled. Also, we’re getting a lot of spam in the comments so I’m tweaking those. 😀 See ya soon! Jordan

This Week

TONIGHT New Earth 8 p.m. Project Safe Benefit Gro/Conscious Carl Lindberg WEDNESDAY Green Room 8:30 p.m. $3 Erin Lovett Bloom Walker Howle THURSDAY Flicker Theatre 9 p.m. $5 Little Gold Shehehe The Atom Age Tongues FRIDAY The World Famous 9 p.m. Muuy Bien Odonis Odonis Vincas Gorgeous SATURDAY 40 Watt 9 p.m. $16 The Whigs […]

Why You Should Go to Industry Mixers

The one piece of advice people love to hammer home whether you’re looking for a job, a partner, or an investor is NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK. It seems a little, well, not artistic, doesn’t it? Artists don’t really like to dip their hands into the business end of the music business pool but there’s a reason […]

First Listen: The Warm Fuzzies

Ladies and Gentle Fuzzies!! We are so glad to be able to bring you the first listen of The Warm Fuzzies‘ latest album Extinction! If you like power-pop, harmonies, and upbeat songs, it’s all here! I’m personally really fond of “Video Games” and “Next Best Thing.” Be sure to pick it up April 15th or […]

First Look: Sam Sniper’s “Nothing is Wrong”

We are unabashed fans of Sam Sniper.  So I was so happy to get an email from S.S. and see a show on the Georgia Theatre roof  on April 22 on the schedule. But best was the video attached: a trippy, raw-rocking number called “Nothing is Wrong” complete with Claymation. I’m always impressed by animated […]

Athfest Warm Up

Yes, it’s really getting towards that time of year when Athfest takes over the hearts and minds of the people. Before the hubbub completely overwhelms us, I thought we’d take a look at some basics that we already know. 1. Headliners! We’ve already gotten wind that Kishi Bashi, Reptar, and Drivin’ N’ Cryin’ are headlining […]

This Week

Man, we’ve got the discount shows going on for you this week! Everything here is either super cheap or free so NO EXCUSES! Go see a show! TONIGHT Little Kings 10 p.m. $5 Cine Benefit/Rolling Stones Tribute Dave Marr Patterson Hood Don Chambers T. Hardy Morris and more! WEDNESDAY Go Bar 10 p.m. DJ Taint […]

RANT: The “Melting Pot”

That thudding sound you’re hearing is my head violently slamming against my desk for the fifth or sixth time today. Why am I so hellbent on hurting myself, you ask? Because promoters. Specifically, promoters who can’t be bothered to do the job they get paid to do. Look, I’ve been on both sides of the […]

Video Break

Every now and then I like to go around the great, wide Internet and see what Athens related videos I can find. Here’s a pretty cool batch. Short and sweet. Enjoy R.E.M.’s April Fools Joke The latest video from Four Eyes Join us in our shameless fawning over the new Kishi Bashi vid And to […]