First Look: Sam Sniper’s “Nothing is Wrong”

Purple is a lovely color for you, Sam Sniper
Purple is a lovely color for you, Sam Sniper

We are unabashed fans of Sam Sniper.  So I was so happy to get an email from S.S. and see a show on the Georgia Theatre roof  on April 22 on the schedule. But best was the video attached: a trippy, raw-rocking number called “Nothing is Wrong” complete with Claymation. I’m always impressed by animated videos because of the sheer volume of work it takes to make it look good. Naturally, I had to ask Andrew Klein to talk a bit about how this video was made.

“I made the video in three days with my cannon SLR camera. I shot it at 12 frames per second and it took me about 2,577 shots to complete. I did it out of my house here in Athens in a spare bedroom. It was the first time I have worked with clay and I think I will be doing a lot more of it. I like starting without any idea of what I will create and as I start molding the clay I try to find familiar shapes and images and then hone in on trying to make the image that caught my eye slightly more realistic. Then I quickly push away from the image and try to mold it into a new thing. So it has a kind of surreal feel to it.”

Take a look at the awesome for yourself! And make sure to check out Sam Sniper’s site for future gigs and fun things.

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