Forward Forecast

Since it’s the first real Monday of the month, I thought I’d do something a bit different and let you know of the shows I’m really looking forward to this month.

January is always a bit of a mixed bag as far as shows. You can thank the cold (it will be cold, right?) weather and the strange UGA schedule for that. This is also the time of year when we come back to many shuttered storefronts and changed up interiors. Change is in the air my friends. Onward!

If you want a show that sounds as bleak as the midwinter itself, look no further than the 40 Watt on Jan. 13th. Locals Feather Trade and Muuy Biien open for The Soft Moon. Expect gothic overtones, lyrical madness, and clashing guitars. 9 pm $12

The Whigs are coming home for a short spell, playing the Watt on Jan. 23rd. Purses, a hodge podge of local musicians you’ve probably seen before, will open. Think your usual popish rock and you’re not too far off. 9 pm $15

The Georgia Theatre‘s spring season usually speaks more to me than the fall. I’m not seeing a whole lot on the schedule that caters to my tastes this January though I might recommend going to see Waka Flocka Flame on the 15th just to say you have. 9 pm $22

The band formerly known as Pinecones makes its way to Caledonia on Jan. 27th as Arbor Labor Union. Weird Vibers and Fabulous Bird round out the night. It’s $5 at 9:30 on a Wednesday, you really have nothing else to do.

Just FYI, Lumpkin Street Station is closed until the 21st of this month for renovations/winter break.

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