Catching Up on Campus

Grady, official naysayer and laptop warmer of AMJ

In an effort to expand my horizons, and by extension, this blog, I’ve begun trying to read the Red & Black, the student newspaper, now and again. I stopped paying attention to it long ago after the paper moved to a digital format during my undergrad days. But, we tend to not pay attention to goings on on campus, especially in the student population, and we end up missing out on up and coming bands, non-indie music, and a host of music related events that never make it into town past the Arch.

So I was rewarded with this gem of a review in the R&B.

The least talented prevailed at ‘Battle of the Bands’ charity event

Now, there are so many reasons why this type of thing is not on my radar. Charity show thrown by a Greek organization, “battle of the bands,” Tuesday night (is there anything more useless in this town than a Tuesday night show?), etc. But this headline alone makes me glad that I wasn’t there. Kudos.

WUOG‘s staffers have just gotten back into the groove after Winter Break so expect a few drops here and there as they solidify their schedules. New DJs will begin training soon so your favorite 2 a.m. staffers might be shuffled around. On the bright side, if you’re wondering what song was just played on 90.5, they’re keeping up with everything via Spinitron now. Support your local radio, folks, before it’s gone.

I’d also like to toss some attention over to our lovely Performing Arts Center. They’ve got comedy, ballroom dancing, aerial showcases, orchestral performances, and a step-show all coming in the next month and a half.

So cast your attention to UGA once in a while and maybe you’ll stumble across something interesting in the music scene. At the very least, you’ll be up on what’s hip with the kiddos, right? Right?…

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