Oh, hey. A snow day. Sorta

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the South does not handle snow and freezing conditions well. As I’m writing this, the cat is freaking out at the white stuff falling outside. My Yankee friends love to remind me how much snow they’ve gotten this season already and laugh when I say school has been cancelled due to an inch of snow. To which I say, “Try dealing with a week of 100+ degree weather in the summer and we’ll talk.”

But it’s weather like this that always brings out my favorite music. I’m of the mind that music should be grouped by the emotion it evokes, rather than genre. Is this tune more of a “sunny spring day in the city” type or a “summer nightlife in a small town” melody? Naturally, snowy weather is different from harsh, never ending winter weather and thus the “genres” are quite the opposite as well. Snowy weather is Azure Ray. Harsh winter is The Powder Room.

Take this song for example.

Randomly speeds up and down, bright sounds (but not too bright), and its something you can dance to. I’d label it Summer House Party. What about this one?

Ok, so it has many of the same qualities as the Moonsoon tune. But something about it takes me from Summer House Party to Driving Through The Cool Part of Town at Night. I think it’s the more steady rhythm and the harmonic vocals.

But that’s just how I organize things. You’ll find certain songs in your collection can fit multiple situations and that’s the beauty of having a personal collection: customization. Thankfully, we have a ton of bands in town that can cater to most of your tastes. It just takes a bit of asking around to find out who.

Have a fun snow day, gang!

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