Monsoon Music Monday


I hope you haven’t been living underneath a rock but if you have, please allow me to introduce you to Monsoon. If you’ve heard of Monsoon, consider this a fawning post because I love this band so much.

Essential things to know about the band

  • The members are very young, like barely out of high school
  • The group turns 3 this year
  • They’re playing the 40 Watt February 11th (with the Drive By Truckers)
  • They’re one of two local bands to make me actually dance (Pylon’s the other)
  • Think upbeat punk, shades of Pylon and B-52s without the cheese
  • Heavy affinity for Japanese pop culture
  • All of the merch on their site is sold out (save one t-shirt)
  • You really need to see them live
  • But if you can’t then I’ve put their album below for your listening pleasure


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