Friday Flashback

pexels-photo-167538.jpegI’ve been doing a lot of research lately for a huge project. Naturally, this means dicking around in archives. The Digital Library of Georgia recently digitized all of Flagpole’s back issues meaning that a) I can finally recover some of my old clips and b) we get to see just how “hip” everyone thought themselves thirty years ago.

Today we’ll take a glance at the October 9, 1991 issue. Why ’91? Because everyone thinks they remember it clearly. They don’t. And I was looking for something else and stumbled on it.

A quick glance at page 4 will tell you that local politics is, in the words of wiser men than I, “Same as it Ever Was.” A design was chosen in a supposed closed door meeting, the public had little input, the publisher of Flagpole is mad… Time is a flat circle, my friends.

Porn Orchard and Hillbilly Frankenstein at the Watt this week. A rather creative interview with Michael Stipe and Jim McKay is featured as well. As you click through the pages of this magazine that is now older than most undergrad students at UGA, you’ll notice it’s written with that specific style. You know the one, all thumbing your nose at the big guy, experimental, and half hoping that Dad will see it and be just the tiniest bit proud.

It’s a fairly stark contrast from today’s Flagpole which is now an Athens institution, both by longevity and necessity. The Banana Herald, having long ago been gutted, dried, dressed up purty, and sold like rancid venison, is not a great news source for our dear town. Does the Flagpole have a heavy left-leaning bent? Yes, of course. Is it the closest thing we have to a reliable local news service? Sadly, yes. An alt weekly should not be the town crier as well.

But that’s beside the point. We’re flipping through a history here, including a review of Nirvana’s “Nevermind” (a maturation of their sound), Buren Fowler’s musings on “Use Your Illusion” (TWO TAPES!), and a preview of Town and Gown’s production of Rumours.

I think the only stretch of the imagination you’ll need is while looking at the Classifieds. Be a roommate and pay $170 a month. The current rate is somewhere near $500, depending on where you are in town, of course.

Anyway, if you so choose, all of Flagpole from ’87 to June 2012 is available for viewing from the DLG. Hopefully you have the time to get lost in the days of old. And if you happen upon an article or two from yours truly, let me know.

Happy weekend!

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