Weekly Show Picks

fabd4-wuog252cpam252cjustin252cconcerts001Hello? Is there anyone even out there?

40 Watt – 9 p.m., Free
“The Road to Roo” Bands compete for a chance to play Bonnaroo

Caledonia – 8 p.m., $5
R.C.I, Ashes to Omens, Hallow Point, Nineveh’s Garden

Go Bar – 10 p.m.
Billboard Baggins, DJ Mahogany

40 Watt – 9 p.m., $7
“Tribute to Ash” feat. Shade, Fart Jar and others

Hendershot’s – 6 p.m., Free
Classical Revolution UGA Music students play the hits

Flicker – 9 p.m., $5
Scooterbabe, Quest Giver, Antiphons, Dagmar Vork

Georgia Theatre – 8 p.m., $10
Light Brigade, Jester

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  1. I’m here! Keep building the site, Athens needs a new music blog with live reviews, previews, etc.

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