January Forecast

It’s the first Monday of the Month! So in order to help you out with your New Year’s resolution to see more live music, we here at AMJ decided to give you a heads up on what’s happening. As always, if your band is playing or you’ve got an upcoming record, email us!

1/10 – Double Ferrari, Nihilist Cheerleader, Waltz, Gools at Caledonia. Double Ferrari is very much my shit because I’m a sucker for video game vibes. Waltz is also very much my shit and I’m hoping to god that I can catch a show of theirs for once. Everyone else is delicious gravy.

1/16 – Yacht Rock Revue at the Georgia Theatre. Don’t pretend you didn’t miss this shit. Go get your basic soft rock on while having one too many White Claws.

1/17 – Oh-Ok and Love Tractor return to the 40 Watt. Timeless tunes that happened to be created back in the ’80s.


1/17 – Bichos Vivos and Wonderland Ranger at Hendershots. Get out of that indie rock comfort zone and into something a little more hip like, say, Forró.

1/22-1/25 – David Lowery and friends take over the 40 Watt for a few days. Go get your Gen X angst on. Or slack off and don’t. Go bowling? Do people still bowl? Whatever man…

1/24 – Savagist at the Caledonia. Because 2020 is already determined to make me sad as hell, we bid farewell to the decade plus of Savagist melting our minds. Shadebeast also presents APE VERMIN, Irist, and the Sundering Seas.

10/31 – Okey Dokey, Calico Vision, and The Hernies at Caledonia. Get ye some pop music. These bands give me a bit of mid-Aughts throwback vibes but updated and more considered.

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