January Roundup 2020 edition

RIP Go Bar. I’m still washing glitter out of my hair

Michael Stipe, formerly of R.E.M. (never getting used to that one), has released another solo single over at michaelstipe.com. The single benefits Pathway to Paris, an ambitious non-profit fighting climate change. While you could buy the single for 77 cents, maybe toss a bit more in that pot since you’ll also be getting wallpapers, videos, and other goodies at purchase.

The Drive-By Truckers have also been busy ahead of the end of month release of their new album The Unraveling. As you can tell from the title, this won’t be a super happy funtime type of album… But don’t take my word for it, maybe head on over to No Depression and read what the guys have to say about the new record. Or, if you prefer, get thyself to the Truckers’ annual 40 Watt run February 13-15.

Our pal Gordon Lamb was over on the AllMusicBooks “Deep Dive” podcastrecently to talk about his book Widespread Panic in the Streets of Athens Georgia. (bit of a self plug here since I acquired the book for my day job at UGAPress but *shrug* it’s my blog, whatcha gonna do?)

Squallé spoke with UndergroundHipHop back in November about his latest EP.

The B-52s meet Archie in a one shot comic coming in February. There’s SIX different covers but it’s worth it to buy them all for only $22.

Over on Barber Street, Buvez now has a full bar AND live music.

Atlanta’s Star Bar closed suddenly in December. Or maybe not. Either way, it seems time is being as kind to ATL venues as it has been here as of late.

Misnomer dropped an EP right at the end of the decade so if you missed it on 12/31, head over to the band’s site and get caught up.

Also joining the record dropping crowd is Futurebirds with Teamwork dropping on January 15th, aka this week!

And just another shameless plug, I’ve joined the good folks over on The Guest List on WUGA. We talk music on Monday/Wednesday nights at 9 pm.

As always, if you’ve got Athens/ATL NEWS of some sort, hit me up at athensmusicjunkie@gmail.com.

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