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I try to pay my water bill in person these days. It gives me an excuse to take a long walk downtown from my 50 shades of dead grey cubicle walls and get some sun. The walk takes me directly past most of the “famous” parts of downtown but I always check the kiosk across from Wuxtry to see what bands may be playing soon.

It’s not uncommon to happen across the white obelisk while it is totally bare. The city does prune the paper leaves from time to time. But these days it tends to stay a bit less covered than in yesteryear. I can’t really blame the bands for not wanting to go through the hassle of printing out and hanging fliers. It’s not a given that the flier friendly storefront will even still be in business when you’re out promoting. Not to mention the cost of printing, both financially and environmentally.

Folks still do some great graphic work for facebook events/digital promos. But I miss walking by those kiosks and getting smacked in the face by a ton of paper every time the wind blew. Plus I’d much rather steal a flier after a show than try to print one out. But if you’re ever hankering to see some ol’ fliers or would like a place to showcase your own, drop by the Athens, GA Band Flyers page. I’ve got a ton of my own that I need to send in one of these days. Some of my favorites are below…

I’d frame this one. Put it in my hallway
I love the minimalist take, ya know?
Skele bro says don’t hog all the booze
All of Chisolm’s bands had that “white print/black background” thing
Would we really expect any different from Timi?

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