February Forecast

Holy hell did January last forever. Thankfully February is a short little cutie sporting a leap day this year and will be gone before you know it. Anywho, it’s the first Monday…

2/7 – Bit Brigade at Caledonia. I know I already touted this show on the radio but we are super lucky to have a cult favorite band just hanging out with Thousandaire and Waltz. Lean into the video game music, folks. Or just stay for the shredding.

2/13-15 – Drive-By Truckers at the 40 Watt. If you didn’t already grab tickets, good luck.

2/14 – Nicholas Mallis at Hendershots. Look, Nic has played with everyone worth knowing in town. He’s a solid bet for a Valentines date night. You can’t go wrong with him. Then you’ve got Baby Tony and the Teenies to boot. Take yer pal dancin’.

2/18 – Hunger Anthem at Caledonia. Yes, a Tuesday night. But your usual Tuesday nights don’t include Motherfucker and Stuyedeyed. Monday hit hard but let this Tuesday hit harder.

2/21 – Shehehe at the 40 Watt. Five Eight and The Arcs are along for the merry making. Sadly Hayride’s not able to make this one but the Arcs are just as rad. This is a seriously stacked bill.

2/22 – Classic City Wax Vol. 1 Release Party at Caledonia. It’s everyone you need to know. Linqua Franqa, Caulfield, Ishues, and like nine other people. This is your NOT TO MISS show this month.

2/27 – of Montreal at Georgia Theatre. If you haven’t caught the locals in a while, this would be a good time before they’re off again. Featuring Lily’s Band and Swowce. I don’t really have much to add here since I hopped off the oM train some time ago but they’re always a sight at least.

2/28 – The New Sound of Numbers at the Caledonia. I am SO happy to see this band pop up again. It’s probably the closest thing to a supergroup that we have nowadays. In case NSoN aren’t quite weird enough for ya, you’ve got Robert Schneider, Realistic Pillow, and Celines to keep you company.


2/28 – Pylon Reenactment Society at The Foundry. Like I’d miss a chance to plug a Pylon show. You know me better than that. And of course Vision Video is a favorite of mine. They namecheck the Chameleons right in their promo material. Basically, I’ll be at this show, ok? Ok.


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