“See a Need, Fill A Need”

File under: Oddly inspiring animated movie that resonates in a very specific part of my brain. See also: Mewtwo

When I first started AMJ back in 2008 (holy shit), I saw a need for a place to tell my friends across the globe what life was like in Athens, GA. Over the years, many other outlets popped up, both blog, video, and podcast, that could tell my story better than I could. So I backed away, amid other reasons, and it was mostly ok.

I’m not going to say that AMJ is needed right now. It remains my little passion project to update or not as I see fit. I once had hopes of making it into the next Paste or Bitter Southerner and on my wilder days, I still desire that. But I do often think about what this place should be. What Athens NEEDS that I’m capable of providing. That last part is key. Athens needs jobs, affordable housing, a local daily paper that has actual daily staff and local ownership, a school board that isn’t completely drama laden… Most of that I can help work toward but not something I can do by myself.

If you have ideas, I’m open to them. We’re fortunate to have resources here that a great many other little music towns do not. We’ve got our own vinyl plant with Kindercore, a wide variety of record stores (wooo Lo Yo Yo),  a Special Collections Library that houses portions of the Georgia Music Hall of Fame collection alongside local oddities, NUCI’S SPACE, a great many venues, the local alt-weekly Flagpole, etc. But I keep wondering “what else?”. So I asked some folks and the replies were:

  • a place for local show listings (which can be reliably found on Flagpole/AMJ/Facebook)
  • more music coverage (again, Flagpole does some but ok, I agree, especially for hip hop)
  • a “local music shop” (RIP athensmusic.net, this dude never knew thee apparently)
  • Guitar tech/repair person list (fair since I only know of word of mouth folks)
  • More drummers (no one here is a miracle worker, folks)
  • Books about Athens (well, have you met me/seen my day job?)
  • Better internet (again, not a miracle worker)
  • for Drive By to play the theatre next time so I can get tickets (noted, friend)

So I leave you with a question: What does Athens music need?





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