March Forecast

Athens gets a bit weird in March. The students at UGA (and by extension, the local school systems) are on Spring Break from the 9th through the 13th, leading to a giant yawning gap in local shows. But! There’s always something good happening, so let’s see what’s what, shall we? As always, if you’ve got suggestions/shows for the next month, hit us up at

3/8 – Rosie and the Ratdogs, Fleet of Pigs, and Hypersleep at The World Famous. I mean, yes, my better half is one of the Pigs so I’m a bit biased but these metal shows at WF have been a great way to cap off a Sunday. Just blast your ears out and enjoy the crazy.

3/15 – Outersea, Ancient Ethel, Uncle Goo at The World Famous. Gonna be real with you here: any chance you have to see Garett Hatch play live, you should go. And WF is a great venue for all these groups. Get some good grub, a nifty craft beer, and enjoy.

3/16 – Double Ferrari, Swallow the Rat, Vincas at Caledonia. I want to point out that Swallow the Rat is from frikken New Zealand. That’s a long way to travel to blow your minds. If you even dig them a tiny bit, toss a little extra coin their way, alright? Let’s be good to our guests.

3/27 – Husk, Dead Vibes, Malevich, and Irist at Caledonia. We continue what I’m calling Metal March with another shadebeast production. Irist drops the new album this night. Make sure to take some earplugs to protect those ears, yo.

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