Local Action Roundup

How are y’all enjoying the kids being gone for the week? I’m spending my time actually being able to go to the grocery store. But there’s some local biz we should get to so here we go…

Easter Island is finally FINALLY releasing a second album. They’ve opened up a Kickstarter to get it funded with such lovely gifts as appearing in a music video, dinner with the band, and the usual t-shirt/album combo. But when will they give us what we really want: hair tips from Ryan and Swint?

This Pitchfork article was a neat little surprise. I do firmly believe that all music roads lead through Athens in a “degrees of Kevin Bacon” style. But it’s nice to have proof.

Pinky Doodle Poodle are back in the US! Catch ’em at Flicker on the 25th this month.

Another interesting article, this time about rich folk and Widespread Panic.

If you haven’t been following the Athens Music Project, you should.

Also in things you should do: Apply to play Athfest before April 1. You heard it here.

I don’t think I’m a big enough metal fan to join the shadebeast Social Club but I fully support the effort. SB’s been throwing some great shows and word is they’ve got enough going on to reach Athfest at least.

Quick aside here: SXSW getting canceled has messed up a lot of folks around these parts. We’re a music town so our artists, freelancers, promotional teams, everyone, is feeling that gut punch. If you’ve got a dollar to spare, please buy a track or shirt or something from a local band. Thanks.

And for a final funny note, singin’ ’bout the fuck shed.

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