How to Help Athens Directly

As I posted on Monday, Athens is gonna be hit HARD by our entertainment and dining sectors shutting down. So I’m gathering all the Fundraisers, GoFundMe, Kickstarters, bandcamp merch links, and Venmo stuff I can find. Every dollar matters, folks. Comment or email if you’ve got local stuff to add. STAY HOME, WASH YER MITTS, and GIVE TIL IT HURTS.

HENDERSHOTS Survival Campaign – Owner Seth give songs, coffee, etc. if you donate

40 Watt Club Staff– This Spring was a busy time for the Watt. Losing these shows hurts bad.

Cillies – You can literally buy Cindy Wilson’s old stuff here. Help ’em out.

Cine – General donation fund. For the arts.

Classic Center Staff Fund – With all large gatherings banned, many folks here are now without work.

Church Athens Bar Staff – Donate and get a bar tab of equal amount.

Globe Athens Staff fund – good folk need good help

Home.made – help staff while they go through applying for SBA loans

Little Kings staff fund – shuffle on over

Athens Service Industry Virtual Tip Jar – an updating list of local servers and bartenders Venmos, Paypals, and Cashapps

Flicker Theatre Staff Fundraiser – They’ve been livestreaming shows from the venue (all precautions taken to maximize distance of course)

Flagpole – Our alt weekly is the only reliable source of local news these days. With no events to publish and no ad money to go around, we need to support Flagpole how we can.

Manhattan Cafe – Aka the place I keep nearly hitting Stipe with my car.

Nuci’s Space: Garrie Vereen Memorial Emergency Relief Fund – It is what it says on the tin. Supporting those who support us.

Five & Ten Staff – get funds directly to staff

Royal Peasant – the best damn pub around.

Bit Brigade GoFundMe – the hard rocking folks need a hand. Or go to their bandcamp. Or do both!

Viva! Argentine Restaurant – My personal favorite place to eat in all of town.

World Famous – Because where else are you gonna metal on Sundays?



Ancient Ethel

Arbor Labor Union

Arrowhawk Records

Chris McKay


Old Smokey


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