Hanging in there

I’m writing this after having spent the entire night attempting to sleep on the floor of our master bedroom closet. Storm season has arrived in the South but folks, if I have to hunker on top of hunkering much more, I may just lose my mind.

I know I’m not alone here. We’re fortunate to still be able to work remotely and have an income (until the state starts looking at furloughs but let’s not borrow that trouble yet). I keep wondering when things might turn around, when plans can safely be made, when when when..

But I try to keep going, ya know? If I have the energy I sort through my books or old emails just to keep me feeling like progress is being made. I found some old clips from Flagpole articles I wrote a while back and that was a nice distraction for a bit. I’m currently working on my “impossible” tasks like creating reference bios for local bands from the 70s and 80s. But I’m not requiring myself to do anything productive. I’ve got that luxury. It is very much a luxury.

Terry, pictured above captaining the SS Cardboard, has enjoyed the extra attention. He hasn’t enjoyed me blasting Modern Skirts at random hours but my brain needs the sonic equivalent of comfort food and that’s where it lands.

This isn’t so much a post about anything as it is part of the promise I made myself to just write SOMETHING every week. I had a great layout planned for Athfest but, well, maybe I can direct those energies elsewhere. Guess we will find out together!

But please take care of yourself as best you can, folks. If all you could manage today was getting some water and food into you, that’ll do. Stay safe.

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