Local Action Roundup

I mean, just because we’re all slowly going mad in the face of a near unheard of global tragedy/epidemic doesn’t mean that we don’t have some good shit happening in town right now.

I know Widespread Panic fans are feeling particularly low right now with all concerts for the foreseeable future on hold. But take heart you wild ones, Panic’s making sure you NEVER MISS A SUNDAY SHOW by webcasting select live performances over on their Facebook page.

Speaking of Facebook pages, if you haven’t swung by Pylon‘s in a while, you should maybe make your way over there. And keep your eyes peeled. Just sayin’.

And bassist Michael Lachowski has been updating his tumblr Sux with some beautiful yet a little sad photos of Athens as of late.

Tweed Recording is doing a series of concerts over on its Twitch channel and the next one is on Wednesday. Have fun.

Add to that Flicker doing a Virtual Happy Hour every now and then. Next one up is tomorrow!

Heads up that Bandcamp is waiving fees every First Friday of the Summer, meaning there will be no better time to buy local music than that. Get folks their $$$.

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