My friends and I are all missing live music right now. While I’m grateful that streaming, music videos, and records exist, there’s a light that’s dimmed when you’re not together in a crowd of screaming and singing folk. The musicians in my life are also itching to perform. What’s a front-man for if not for an audience? Likes aren’t a great replacement for live adoration.

“So how long you gonna wait until you go see a show?” a pal asked during our weekly chat. And I couldn’t answer. I hesitated for a little too long. My heart says AS SOON AS POSSIBLE but my head says WAIT. I still don’t know. I don’t know how long it will take for me to feel comfortable even going back into my day job, much less attending a show in a small space. It feels weird.

I know a few folks are sitting on their records right now, wondering if they should release them now as originally planned or wait until later when they might reschedule a tour. But what if everyone reschedules a tour at the same time? Or releases the record at the same time? It’s all so insanely complicated.

I take a bit of solace knowing that I’m not the only person feeling this way. I mean, the entire planet is going through the same thing (which is nuts). My focus is shot. My nerves are shot. And I’m wondering what we’re all going to do in the upcoming weeks.

For now, it’s one day at a time. That’s it. Wash your hands. Stay home. Wear a mask if you must go out. One day at a time.

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