10 Local Albums to Buy on Bandcamp this Friday

Bandcamp is once again waiving all its commission fees this Friday. Now is the best time to go ahead and support your locals by grabbing the stuff you were looking at anyway. Click on the title in the caption and you’ll be whisked away. There’s a little bit of old, little bit of new here but you’ll enjoy it anyway. And if you want to do more, please consider donating to the Athens Freedom Fund.

Vincas’ new album Phantasma
Maserati is back with Enter the Mirror
The Humms’ noisy Lady Low
WesdaRuler’s Ocean Drive from last year.
Murk daddy flex has  BEATS AND BEATS: Lucky Numbers
LeeAnn Peppers’ soft and subtle For Asha, With Hope
Razzi King’s smooooooth 5 Days and 5 Nights
Shehehe’s Endless Summer because that’s what this all feels like
Volumes’ Year 1 Mixtape has something for everyone
Visions of the 80s? No. it’s Vision Video’s In My Side

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