Local Action Roundup

It’s very strange looking at my calendar for the year and seeing when I should’ve been at a show. This week is Athfest preparations and I’m hit all over again by a sense of loss. I want to write the entirety of 2020 off. But life doesn’t work like that and I’m determined to get SOMETHING out of this godforsaken year. So despite the times, we’ve still got news to report. On with the show…

While some places have opened up under the new (incredibly loose) restrictions, please remember all the places that still remain shuttered, that have lost a ton of revenue, or are operating at such a small capacity that they might as well be closed. Here’s a list of places you can toss your hard earned funds and keep Athens going.

Nana Grizol is back with their new record South Somewhere Else. Frontman Theo Hilton has a lovely essay here about the record and his experiences as a queer person in Athens’ punk scene.

Live Wire is now open. Per an email, the venue will be making sure that “COVID-19 guidelines are in place to promote a safe social environment for our customers, and employees, in both our indoor and outdoor venue spaces.”

FUCK YES NEW WALTZ. Blow your earholes here

Also out now is Nicholas Mallis‘s The Final Station. Listen here!

Wait, We Vs The Shark is dropping a new album too?! Well lookee here!

Michael Stipe‘s “No Time for Love Like Now” continues to morph and change, this time getting an official release via whatever your preferred platform is. Of note, buy a “No Time For Love Like Now” t-shirt & tote and all proceeds will go to Equal Justice Initiative & COVID-19 Protest Relief Fund.

In other R.E.M. related tidbits, the utterly amazing R.E.M. Timeline did an interview with Bertis Downs who chatted about the band live, The One I Love, and many other things. Find it on Soundcloud HERE.

In utterly WHAT THE FUCK news, police are now investigating threats made against District 2 County Commissioner Mariah Parker. Parker, who many of you not from ACC know best as Linqua Franca, tested positive for COVID-19 after leading a protest but has continued to be outspoken about the continuing issue of police violence.

And now in case you need something good and wholesome to watch, Nuci’s Space has released this video detailing how much it’s gotten to expand and how the Reconstruction of the Steeple campaign is saving a local landmark.

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