One Day at a Time

“One day at a time,” I say as my head finally hits the pillow. He turns the lights off and repeats back, “One day at a time.”

“One day at a time,” I whisper to myself as my computer takes forever to load yet another urgent request. I have a new baseline for what’s considered urgent these days. Safety is urgent. Family is urgent. Health is urgent. Business can wait the five minutes I need to reboot the computer.

“One day at a time,” I tell my friend through the screen via the 12th Zoom call of the day. I’m reminding her just as much as I’m reminding myself. “One day at a time,” she nods sagely.

“Ha ha. You know, just taking it one day at a time,” I respond to my pal on the phone calling from out of state. I do remind him to not return yet if he has the means.

“One day at a time” works for me. But the summer is long, the days are long, the nights are long, all of it goes on so long. I’m a planner at heart. My 2020 Calendar/Organizer is my favorite shade of blue-green because this was the beginning of a new decade. New start. And now all the pages sit empty.

I’ve resigned myself to not seeing live music in a venue this year. I’m committed to supporting our locals as long as I feasibly can. (You can too, start with this list!) I’m going to keep those I love safe by wearing a mask and staying home as much as humanly possible. Every action leads to something. One day at a time.

We’re in territory that we shouldn’t have to navigate, folks. Stay well.


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