Local Action Roundup: July 2020

If you know me at all you know how incredibly depressed this photo makes me. RIP downtown Gyro Wrap. Your BBQ chicken gyro was the highlight of many a workweek.

Shehehe is cranking the promo machine to ten ahead of the release of their new album Pet Songs. Pop on over to their place and take a gander at the new music video!

Here’s a new bit from Jason Isbell recorded at the Georgia Theatre back in 2016 when live music was a thing…

More local music related places are selling masks (which I will remind you are required on campus AND in Athens despite what ol’ BRINE in the dome says). If you’re looking to rock something other than the standard plain black mask, maybe get one of these logo ones from Nuci’s. There’s also these snappy numbers from Hendershot’s. I’m still waiting on an R.E.M. or Pylon themed one because I’m nothing if not consistent.

RIP Q Magazine.

Remastered Kilkenny Cats? Yes please.

And, uh, this is a thing that exists now. Hootie and the Blowfish covering R.E.M. It’s okay. I’ve always liked Darius’s voice but I wish they would’ve done a deeper cut instead of the hit. Considering the dude’s covered a Drivin’ n’ Cryin’ song, I’m wondering what comes next. Maybe something from the B’s? I could get down to a Blowfish version of “Roam.”

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