Catchin’ Up

I spent a full day in my cubicle today for the first time since March. To say it felt bizarre is an understatement. I’ve gotten somewhat used to our new normal. My cow patterned cat next to me, the blue walls of my home office/studio, the ENORMOUS draw that is lunchtime… Being back on campus is weird. I’m not even going to get into the whole mask/safety thing.

I hope you are doing okay out there, despite all these things going on. I worry. I haven’t been at this level of anxiety since, well, March again. The storms are rolling in, literally and figuratively, and I’m finding myself without much in the way of shelter. I’m watching my Facebook memories and events trickle by, things I should be doing right now. Like karaoke and going to shows. Thinking about all the ways UGA football will break my heart again this season. Swimming. God, I miss it all so much.

My thoughts are turning to the fall and all the usual activities that probably won’t be happening this year. Wild Rumpus? Thanksgiving with the family? Christmas holidays with friends? It’s all too much to think about. One day at a time, remember?

I have, at the very least, found myself listening to more music as I work. It is fairly well known that I cannot work on something and listen to music at the same time. My attention wanders to the music and next thing you know I’m about eight playlists deep into Spotify and my spreadsheet will have to be done after dinner. But I’ve gotten a few playlists full of background noise that seem to work these days. I’ve also been able to set aside some “me” time to listen deeply and manage not to fall asleep.

Stay safe out there.




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