Local Action Roundup Storm’s A Comin’ Edition

I wish I had some cheery “We’re all in this together! Go team!” type message for you all but honestly I’ve been dreading this week since June. Classes start on Thursday. Wear a mask. Stay home as much as you can. Stay safe. And now on to other things…

If you’ve ever wanted to cook (and eat) like a local, well have I got the thing for you! Nuci’s Space presents “The Athens’ Quarantined Musicians Cookbook.” All the heavy hitters have contributed a little something to this. Brownies with Barbe? Pumpkin Spice Pylon? I don’t think either of those are in there but they could be! Get cookin’.

Check this out. GET THE SIDE EFFECTS, originally shot in 1980 at Tyrone’s, has been uploaded to youtube. You can watch it, restored and wonderful, below.

If you’re in the mood for something more modern, I’d recommend taking an hour or two and watching Athens GA Over/Under. Thomas Bauer takes you into the Athens Music/DIY scene of 2010-2019. I’m on a never ending quest to find more documentary work about Athens post-1988 so this was a great find. Well worth a watch.

Hendershot‘s is celebrating ten years (!) in the biz with a little new merch and a lot more drumming. Owner Seth will be broadcasting his SingerSongdrummer show this Wednesday on facebook. Not quite the celebration we were all hoping for but it’ll do since we can’t physically gather, ya know?

And last but not least, a little chuckle for you.


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