Local Action Roundup – Pre-October Edition

Did I dream this lineup? This feels like a very ME move…

The show and the news must go on! We’re most of the way through this exhausting year, though we shouldn’t grow complacent. Things don’t change just because the clock ticks over to a new year. Please take a moment and make sure that you are registered to vote!

Did you miss your chance to snag one of the colored vinyl editions of Pylon‘s Chomp or Gyrate? Or maybe you just don’t feel like waiting until November? Well, our pals over at Brooklyn Vegan have you covered. Follow this link to their giveaway but act fast as there’s only ten days left to enter!

Speaking of Pylon (and I’m almost never NOT speaking of Pylon), you’ll want to head on over to former WUOGger current NPR..er.. Lars Gotrich‘s post about the night the DJs closed the station to go catch Pylon’s return. It’s a great read.

Michael Stipe has contributed lyrics to an art project, though not in the way you’d first expect. “An Introduction to a Nameless Love” is an installation featuring quite a few sculptures, including one made out of M. Stipe’s lyrics. The whole story behind it is fascinating so please take a gander here.

Beloved local Halloween event The Wild Rumpus is the latest big thing to be done digitally this year. Sad yes, but necessary when the local college holds an entire town hostage during a pandemic, yeah? If you’ve got ideas to submit for the “holiday video,” head on over to the main site and submit!

In a tribute to Athenian ingenuity, the Athens Area Homeless Shelter has also revamped their event “Harvest for the Homeless.” Instead of cancelling the raffle, they’ve expanded the range of folks they’re helping to include the very restaurants that have been so giving in past years. Follow this link for details and HELP if you can!

As always, if you’ve got some tips or hot gossip or, I dunno, a record release, hit me up at athensmusicjunkie@gmail.com!

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