October Bandcamp Friday Picks!

Yes, the glorious folks at Bandcamp have announced that they will continue their Bandcamp Fridays through the end of the year, providing more chances for us to line our pals’ pockets with much needed cash. To that end, I thought I’d give you a heads up on some of the stuff I’ll be buying this go ’round in case it catches your ear as well. A little old, a little new, all pretty good.

All My Days by family and friends (2020)

If you find yourself missing the indie alt-country style that was all the rage a few years ago, I’d recommend hitting up the family and friends bandcamp. I love a good atmospheric guitar, man. The harmonies on this small offering evoke mornings on a misty mountain in the fall. Solid choice for if you need to pick up something to chill out to while not growing bored of the background.

smoke by Easter Island

Speaking of atmosphere, the boys of Easter Island are back and dropping a full album in December. But if you can’t wait until then, maybe take a bit of time to live in “smoke.” Brutal and beautiful as always.

South Somewhere Else by Nana Grizol

Nana Grizol can be a bit of an acquired taste if you’re not familiar or fond of the type of college pop that Athens specializes in. Think HORNS, sunny guitars, and lyrics about growing up queer in the South and reckoning with history. It can be familiar territory if that is indeed your jam but it won’t sound quite as good as Nana Grizol’s latest effort.

Gramahawk by Modern Skirts

You and I both know that we didn’t purchase this 2011 release when it first came out. The Skirts had moved away from piano pop soothing melodies into something a bit more true and twisted. While this KILLED live, I don’t think it translated quite as well to the recorded version. Nonetheless, it’s a solid bet if you’re missing the days of yore and you, like I, want to fill in the gaps in your collection. EXCELLENT.

Zebulon by Don Chambers and GOAT

Can you tell I’m in a fall mood? I’m in a fall mood. And who better to listen to as the world burns and the weather cools than Mr. Chambers? Perfect for staring into the fall foliage abyss that is the future while holding a nice warm cup of tea. “Send Me No Angels” is a standout track here if you’re curious about the sound but the whole thing is worth a try.

Omoiyari by Kishi Bashi

I started a new job recently (hence some of the scatteredness here) and once folks find out I’m in Athens, they ask for recommendations. Kishi Bashi is an easy one to recommend because the dude’s yet to put out a bad album. Light and airy but dense and dance-y, you can’t go wrong with Omoiyari. While I do prefer some of the earlier stuff, this one’s a treasure if you hit it at the right time and mood.

Stray by Bambara

Okay, this one is cheating a little bit seeing as how Bambara is now based out of NYC but they were local FIRST. Take it up with management (which is me). Plus I wanted something a little heavy on here. Do you like old Nick Cave? Here ya go.

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