Mid-October Local Action Roundup

Early voting started today. Get out there and vote!

The folks over at Diffuser ranked 73 R.E.M. music videos in order of “awesomeness”. Any list like this one is bound to be subjective but putting Animal dead last is a CRIME. There’s a lot to the band’s videoes that I think was missed here…

Also in R.E.M. news, the famous READ poster has been reissued as a puzzle by the good local folk at Very Good Puzzle. Order it over at remhq and know that your dollars are headed to the wonderful Books For Keeps and American Library Association.

If you missed the news earlier, Satisfactory Design and Printing have done away with minimums. No more having to order several shirts when all you have is one amazingly consistent fan (or in this blog’s case, three readers and a couple of cats).

Do you love Love Tractor? Well, even if you don’t, they’re worth a listen. The Red and Black did a short interview with the band about their upcoming re-release of the first album. You can grab it for yourself on November 6th.

The B-52s are having a Home Movies day of sorts this Thursday in partnership with the Brown Media Archives. Keith Bennett, Cindy’s husband, will be on hand to discuss life with the B’s. Check out more info here

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