Before the Storm

Sometimes you know the bad news is coming, you’re just waiting for it to hit. Something doesn’t feel right. It’s like the sky before a bad storm. The air is too still, too heavy, the colors aren’t usual. You can brace against it all you like, it’s coming anyway and there’s nothing you can do.

The only way out is through, my friends. I hope you’re all holding on as best as you can. If not, please let someone know. Heck, you can even email me if that helps. There will be good days again. We will dance and sing together again. The places will change and we may not all make it there in the way we’d like, but like there was a yesterday, there will be a tomorrow.

You’re allowed to feel sad or angry. Please don’t bottle it all up inside to come raging out in a harmful way. And if this all sounds like sugar coated dream talk, well, it is. Hope isn’t a feeling, it’s an effort. There’s a reason why we depressed folk have a hard time of it. I’d post “Everybody Hurts” if I thought it’d help. Coming to terms with the situation helps to determine how to move forward. But you can’t do that if you’re not in a space to move. So take care of yourselves, ok?

And here’s some of my favorite videos I’ve been going back to as of late.

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