Take This Joy Wherever

I miss everything. I miss the people. I miss the shows. I miss the smell of smoke coming from the Caledonia Lounge and even the stale odor of last night’s beer on the ground in front of the frat bars. And I truly, truly miss Athfest and the Rumpus. If there ever were two events that spoke of this town, those are it. The year feels so empty without them.

But we’re figuring out ways to keep our spirits up somewhat. And leave it to Halloween to really get the gears turning. I think Athens UHF’d the hell outta this season. But that comes from a long tradition of local content, as you’ll see in the last video from 1986. So in the spirit of needing an escape for a while, I would like to leave you with the following videos in the hopes that we meet again next week in a better world.

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