And Exhale

What a week, eh? As a nation and state begin to come out of a haze of disbelief, it’s hard not to feel a bit more upbeat today. But now is when the work begins again so in that spirit, this is a post where you need to toss some funding. Our community continues to be wrecked by COVID-19 even as in person classes resume for the K-12 set. We’re not out of this by a long shot but it is nice to know we’ll soon have one fewer hurdle to go. Please consider giving what you can.

FLAGPOLE – I haven’t been on campus in a long while so I was a bit stunned to see our alt-weekly pals showing up that thin. With few events to cover and ad revenue trending down, the gang could use your help. Toss ’em a few dollars here.

Local Bands on Bandcamp Fridays – There’s too many to list but I’ll be happy to send you a sampling upon request. Our locals haven’t been able to play live shows, tour, or record properly since March. Additionally, many folk work in service industry jobs that have also disappeared since the Spring. Mark December 4th on your calendar now and start a wishlist. All proceeds that day will go directly to the bands you buy from. MONEY IN POCKETS NOW.

Nuci’s Space – Always a no-brainer. I know my mental health has suffered in the past year and I’m not alone. In addition to helping local folk access mental health care, Nuci’s also provides additional support to local musicians in the form of health clinics, practice spaces, and more. HERE is the link.

Athens Area Homeless Shelter – This year was brutal for those of us in the best of living situations and even worse for those who are housing insecure. COVID is a compounding problem on an already difficult issue in Athens. I ask that you please don’t forget the work these folk are doing in the flurry of the end of the year. Link is here.

Athens Area Humane Society – My own two cats are rescue kitties from another county. Time are tough all around so if you can’t donate financially, please consider being a temporary foster family to a little pup or cat. Donation link here.

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