In between breaths

I’m writing this on my phone while miles away from home in a house I no longer live in. It is currently devoid of people. I do not want to be here but here is where I am. Under my care are two dogs, a cat, and a ball of pure chaos disguised as a kitten.

2020 has been an absolute shitshow for many reasons. Just as I was starting to adjust to a new new normal for my family, another meteor struck. We’re looking at my fifth or sixth new normal of the year. I hate this year.

I’m not going into any detail about what has happened because it’s not my story to tell. I’m sure certain relatives have already spread whatever they’ve heard around my small hometown. Whatever. It’s not their story to tell either.

What I can do is express my eternal gratitude to our friends who’ve stepped up and made sure we were fed and supported. My undying love goes to science and medicine and the surgeons, doctors, nurses and therapists who practice it. And thanks to small bundles of chaos disguised as kittens for being a ray of sunshine in what has unarguably been the worst week of our lives.

There will be a normal music type post later this week. But I swore to post every Monday on here no matter what. So that’s what this is. Anyway… call a friend or family member today and tell them you love them. Be safe.

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  1. I wish you the best. Many are hurting. Some have no hot water or even clean water. I know it’s hard to find the things you are grateful for during down times. Kittens help. One must find the good things and march on. I enjoy your work.

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