Have Yourself a Merry Little Bandcamp Friday

Once again, Bandcamp is waiving its fees to make sure bands on the platform are being supported during this pandemic holiday season. So show the love and consider some of the following for your holiday shopping.

The return of Casper Fandango?!

Yes dear friends, now at long last you too can own “How’s Your Hand?” If you didn’t pick it up on cassette back in 1997, here’s your redemption. Casper, aka Jason NeSmith, is a stable of the Athens music scene and you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not picking this up. Scoot on over to pick up a digital slice of the weird Athenian pie that is Casper.

Well this is unexpected.

I entered college just as Plans dropped so I think I burned out on DCFC pretty early on. But then they went and made this EP. Five songs from Georgia artists, three of whom are from our very own little blue dot, and all proceeds go to Fair Fight. Act fast here because it’s gone within 24 hours.

Twee AF

Do you miss feeling like you lived in a 00s era indie flick? Well have I got the album for you. Relentlessly sweet, it won’t be everyone’s cup of chai tea but it’s worth a shot. Get it here if you want to cuddle with your sweetie this holiday season.

Peel Sessions? Yes please.

Look, there’s only so many chances you’ll have in life to enjoy such a thing so maybe just go ahead over to the Chunklet bandcamp and pick up the Peel Sessions from Olivia Tremor Control. It’ll turn your day around for sure.

I thoroughly enjoy this artwork

Creston Spiers. For those of you who don’t know, maybe mentioning HARVEY MILK would be enough to get you over to this limited release on Friday. Work fast because there’s only 150 copies of the vinyl. Of course, you can always just spring for the digital but COME ON.

Hell of a title to drop this year

If you’re in the mood for more rock in your roll, this is the place to be. Guitars, fuzz, yelling, it’s got it all. Come sit in the corner with us and hate what the world has become. Get it here.


Coming in with the eleventh hour edit, Merge is putting out this compilation album tomorrow. This is a stunning line up of Georgia songs and you’d be really dumb to pass on this. Get it here and the donations will be given to Fair Fight and Mijente.

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