The Best of the Year

I don’t know about y’all but I’ve had a hell of a year. It’s been the kind of year where finding and listening to new music hasn’t exactly been the most important thing to do. Yet here we are at the end of 2020 and it is ranking season. I’m already scrambling to find my new songs for my radio show, having spent the year indulging in the audio equivalent of comfort food.

I’ve got several new local albums that I’ve been enjoying and intend on reviewing. Turbulent year be damned. I know you’ll like ‘em. But I also try to think of the best live shows I’ve seen each year and to once more state the obvious, two and a half months do not a best of make.

I’ve seen a lot of folks posting their Year in Spotify lists as of late and it looks like I’m not alone in seeking some comfort in the past. Highlights of this year for me would include changing day jobs, getting to spend more time at home with my cats, and the Pylon reissue. There’s a lot of nothing in between March and now. There’s also a lot of really bad shit that happened between March and now.

I wonder what new things you’ve enjoyed this year. Anything good? Let me know. As always you can post here or find me on Twitter or email athensmusicjunkie@gmail.

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