The End of Year Local Action Roundup

This year saw local legends Pylon and Love Tractor re-releasing their classic albums and holy cow if Kilkenny Cats hasn’t just done the same. “Hands Down” is now available from most of your favorite streaming and digital services. Locate one here.

Next up, our pal and amazing publicist Alyssa DeHayes is offering two new online workshops in 2021. Got a self-released album you’re looking to promote? Al’s your gal. The shorter one focuses on email marketing and the longer one dives into publicity. Hop on over to to register before January 31.

Classic City Wax 2 is still on Kickstarter so you’ve got *checks date* SIX days to throw your cash at this project in order to get your name recognized in time for production. Help bring Athens hip-hop to the world!

Okay, this next one is mostly a test to see if a certain person is still reading my posts but it’s also semi-local so whatever. Frank Iero (of My Chemical Romance) covered R.E.M.‘s “Losing My Religion” for an EP that’s due out January 2021. I don’t hate it, so that’s something. Check it out here.

A small reminder of the talent we lost when we lost Jerry Fuchs. No drummer before or since quite like him.

The Save Our Stages Act is back, hopefully to pass this time. It’s too late for a lot of our locals here and in Atlanta but maybe it’ll be just the thing for those that have managed to hang on. You can see a breakdown of the act here.

Last of all, I hope your holidays are restful and relaxing.

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