What’s the Frequency?

Is anyone else having a hard time focusing on anything lately or is it just me? Since my last blog post, ya know, a week ago, we’ve flipped the Senate seats of a deep Republican stronghold, watched in horror as our capital was assaulted by a bunch of homegrown terrorists egged on by the man in the highest office of our nation, and lost several thousand people to an ongoing pandemic. MY BRAIN IS FULL PLEASE STOP. But it hasn’t and it won’t.

I think I knew something was badly wrong when I went to my quarantine happy place and only felt more stress. My spiral works as so: water, sun, stretch, talk to someone, take a shower. Okay that didn’t work so let’s clean things! Mmmm. Okay that didn’t work so video games??? Last ditch effort is playlist making aaaaaaandddd nope. I am well and truly fried, my friends.

I keep finding myself trying to tune into something else in order to tune out a tiny bit of what’s going on in the world. So I tried listening to some music but couldn’t figure out what to listen to. I didn’t want much politic or relevant to the situation stuff so R.E.M. was out, along with around 80% of my collection. I’m not currently allowed to listen to my sad white man music like the National because that’s a spiral I’m not coming back from. Happy music just seems like a slap in the face at the moment too. So here I am, typing this on my phone in silence while lying on the floor looking at the ceiling. This has now happened enough that even the cats are no longer alarmed by it.

I hope that wherever you guys are reading this from that you’re as okay as you can be. I hope that music is relaxing for you and that you’re getting enough rest. In absence of all that, I hope that you can find little moments of peace to keep you going. We’re a long way in with a long way to go. Stay safe.

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  1. Try and sit quiet. Concentrate on your breath. When your minds drifts, come back to the breath. Do it for 5 minutes today, 5 minutes tomorrow, a few minutes more the next, and so on. It takes lots of practice. It’s good for every cell in your body. See you next week.

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