Inauguration Week

Things I love about this collaboration a list in no particular order

  • Stipe borks the first line of the first chorus
  • Adam Clayton’s ENTIRE look
  • Mills’ harmony when they hit “When all you got is hurt” is the stuff of legend
  • This lineup would now have to be called Songs of Now or Collapse into Experience
  • Mills Stipe Mullen Clayton is the only way a U2 and R.E.M. lineup could work. Truly.
  • Stipe’s hat
  • MTV used to play music. I know this is a tired trope at this point but I miss old MTV
  • “One” is an incredibly depressing song about relationships ending so….
  • Clayton just casually smoking a cig on tv. The 90s, man.
  • Mills being under dressed for the occasion which he will soon over correct for
  • Mullen looking somewhat relaxed and just vibing on bongos
  • The one Youtube comment that says Bill Gates on Guitar
  • My two most favorite non-Pylon bands in the world, together, performing
  • BRB having a minor meltdown that Stipe was 33 when he was doing this (what have I DONE WITH MY LIFE?!)
  • Knowing that backstage, Don Henley was being a diva about the whole thing

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