Local Action Roundup Feb 2021

First up, a chance to help a local icon. Elite “the Showstoppa” Ellison has had more than his fair share of health setbacks. The folks over at Artist2Artist are fundraising to get him back on his feet so please consider following this link and donating.

In other, PLEASE CAN WE HAVE UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE INSTEAD OF GOFUNDME news, Andrew Dallas, lifelong Athenian and currently chef at the National, needs some expensive care. Send good vibes and cash here.

Vision Video‘s new single is dropping in two days. AND we’ve gotten word that a new LP is due this spring. Keep an eye on their socials here for updates.

The Historic Athens Mardi Gras & Virtual 5K is February 16th which is nifty but if you’re more into the vinyl and Porchfest aspects than the running portions (like yours truly), then hop over HERE and pick up a copy of the Porchfest 2020 Sampler. With exclusive tracks from the likes of Patterson Hood, Calico Vision, and so many more, it’s a nice thing to treat yourself or a Valentine to.

Azure Ray. Now that’s a name I haven’t heard in far too long. The group just dropped a 20th anniversary (!!!) edition of their eponymous debut album. It is… a lot. I’d recommend checking it out for yourselves over on Flower Moon.

If zines are your thing, Phases of the Moon #6 is well worth your time. From the artist: “the hope that house built” consists of a reflective essay about punk trauma + 21 images of house shows in Athens, Georgia, between 2007-2012. Described as “relatable” and “not another ageing punk rocker whining about the good old days,” this zine is half-letter size and contains 40 pages of rich, full-color aggressive confrontation of past lives.” Get it here on etsy.

And last but certainly not least, check out SheHeHe‘s new video for Down the Stairs

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