It is March


Friends, we have been going through what is collectively known as SOME SHIT for a year now. My brain is mush. Everyone I talk to is sad and doesn’t know exactly why. Things could be looking better but we’re in that in between zone where everything is also falling apart at the same time. Folks are now hitting the anniversaries of the last time they saw a live show. To say my mind is boggled is to understate the situation.

This time last year I posted a calendar for the month that listed a bunch of shows that never happened. The last show I attended was a metal show where my fiance was dressed as a pig. We ate indoors at our favorite local place later that week. Then came the long nothing. And the continuing nothing. And now we’re a year later and so many lifetimes of stress and grief older.

I’m writing now in the hopes that you, person reading this, will give yourself time to feel and to acknowledge the ways in which you and the world have changed this year. Put a record on and cry. Or dance! Think about the shows you want to see on down the road. Give yourself a chance to hope and to grieve. Hang in there. Thanks for stopping by the little music blog here. We’ve got good stuff down the line.

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