Draggin’ But Gettin’ By

We’re all feeling a bit tired here at the AMJHQ. Senior editors G and T, pictured above, have declared today a wash and suggested immediate naps for all. But it does feel like we’re lurching towards some new season, between the time change and the extreme amounts of pollen on my car. I’ve also got a lot of pals in line for vaccinations and more than a few PR emails are sitting in the inbox with “SO AND SO ANNOUNCES FALL TOUR” in the headline. Things are beginning to crank up once more.

Locally, Winterville’s Front Porch Book Store will be having concerts again starting April 3rd. Jay Gonzalez is playing a few gigs at Liberty Field on March 27th. Heck, Indie South Fair is prepping for a big May festival. The slow march towards normal has begun. I hope we’ll get some news about Athfest soon. Personally, I’m prepping for the madness that the Wild Rumpus will unleash in October.

Hang in there just a little longer, folks. Better days ahead.

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