Local Action Roundup March 2021

DBT’s “Catterson” beanie brings me joy.

Well folks, I hope you’re on your way to being vaccinated. If you need help locating an appointment, please check this link here to see where the nearest locations are. Good luck.

The delightful dark darlings Vision Video drop their new LP on April 16th but if you want to pre-order a bundle now, you’ve got until this Friday to do so. Head over to their bandcamp (here) to pick yours up before it’s gone.

Fans of The Squalls will be happy to know that they can now get the band’s original 1984 EP RIGHT HERE on bandcamp.

And if you can’t get enough of that vintage Athens sound, maybe take a gander at this interview with Mark and Mike of Love Tractor.

Longtime WUOGgers will recognize Akeeme “DJ BlacqueStarr” Martin who got THIS SHOUTOUT for the work he’s doing.

Wondering about ATHFEST 2021? Yeah, me too. Patience.

My annual reminder that I’m on WUGA’s The Guest List so check that out here.

Hendershot‘s has created the BIG ATH BOX, a subscription box filled with goodies from this here neck of the woods. I’m fascinated to see what all will end up in one.

And two last bits of R.E.M.‘s Out of Time at 30. One from our pal Annie on Shiny Happy People and the other from Caryn Rose on how OoT hit for her.

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