Spring Video Cleaning: “and sometimes when I’m sad, I realize all my heroes are gay or cowboys”

Truth be told, I have far more links and photos and videos in my saved folders than any one person needs. A not small portion of these are, of course, Athens related. I’m always looking for ways to incorporate these links into my posts, whether through Roundups or just tweeting random nonsense. But every once in a while I need to purge the folders so here is a small sampling of what yours truly has found interesting, funny, or absurd on social media. And yeah, they’re mostly gay or cowboys.

I will quote this to you RELENTLESSLY
This is a stupidly good set.
A reminder that Oh-Ok have music on bandcamp now
One of the last ever performances at the Caledonia
Matthew Perpetua says this is the best version of LAHTLI and I’m inclined to believe it

And finally, which Cowboy Michael Stipe are you today?

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