On Reconstructing the Steeple

St Mary's Steeple

Nuci’s Space announced today that it is launching its next phase of the Reconstruction on the Steeple fundraising campaign. Longtime readers will remember that this project began some time ago when Nuci’s Space acquired the famed St. Mary’s Steeple after Athens Clarke County found that it needed to be either destroyed or completely redone. Locals will remember that this ruling came down after the Rick the Printer’s fire back in 2011. And, oh yeah, it’s the 41st anniversary of R.E.M.’s first show which happened to be played at this very location.

I can’t imagine what it must be like trying to launch a fundraising campaign while we’re still in the middle of all this COVID-19 stuff. Folks are a bit strapped for cash but if you’ve got a bit of stimulus left, perhaps consider wandering to the “Steeple Store” and purchasing a brick, pin, or poster to help things move along. If you’ve only got five bucks, hey, here’s a really neat pin. Got $3000 to drop? Here’s an autographed jacket from R.E.M.’s Green tour. Buying a brick will get you a LITERAL brick from the original steeple as well as a nifty plaque of recognition.

With the reconstruction and expansion portions of the project completed, the first of the donor plaques are being placed. I don’t have to tell y’all how important places like Nuci’s Space are. So many of my dear friends have the Space to thank for lost cost or free healthcare, mental wellness, and practice space. It’s a true gem so maybe donate if you can.

As always, you can follow THIS LINK to find out more about the St. Mary’s Steeple beyond its R.E.M. origins. Nuci’s will be updating folks on further progress there and I think we’re in for some behind the scenes video as well. Side note, it has been difficult typing out Steeple so much because it starts to look incorrect. Steeple. Stepple. Stiple. STEEEEEEPLE. Happy Monday, all.

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