More April Odds and Ends, Traveling Around Edition

We’ve got a little bit local, a little bit not this week folks! But I promise all of it is worth a gander. Got a ton of records I’m working on for review, so hold on. On with the show!

ATL/ATH folk, Smith’s Olde Bar is reopening and are slowly booking shows. They have also done some remodeling in there (not sure if the death stairs are still there) so if you’re looking for a show to play, there’s one. Hat tip to the AJC here.

David Barbe (UGA MBUS Program, Sugar, Chase Park, literally everything) has done an interview about how to get into the music biz HERE.

R.E.M. fans and Seattle music fans know of the Crocodile Cafe’s long history but if you need a cool refresher, take a look here at the oral history of said venue. It’s a great read.

Also, FAROUT talks about R.E.M.’s “Everybody Hurts” HERE.

Speaking of great reads, I’m a bit biased seeing as how I worked on the project but Jerry Grillo’s book on Col. Bruce Hampton is out from UGA Press. You can find more info on the man, myth, and legend HERE.

If you can manage to navigate through THIS BLOG, you’ll find some great recordings from folks like Pylon, the B-52s, Silver Jews, and more. Happy hunting!

In what is a shining example of what it’s like to live here during “these times,” some five hundred students managed to collapse the floor of the house they were partying in. Additionally, they also managed to nearly block help from coming because there were too many vehicles and people in the road. So, that’s certainly something that happened. No one died or was seriously injured but, my dudes, come ON. PANDEMIC. Yeesh. Details here.

And one more for the road: Local Band Excited to Get Back to Rigorous Schedule of Performing Once Every Seven Months.

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