Okay, yeah, I know a few other live shows have started cropping up as of late but I’ve not been fully vaccinated enough to feel comfortable joining in. But now?! YES. INVITE ME TO YOUR OUTDOOR SHOWS.

Someone early last year snarkily asked if AthensMusicJunkie without live concerts was just going to be an R.E.M. fanblog. Let me set the record straight: This is always an R.E.M. fanblog. I am proud that I did meet my goal of posting regularly through this hellish season of our lives. Some posts were better than others, for sure, but it’s hard enough to get out of bed some days much less post about a music scene that’s lacking live music.

Anyway, with this show on the horizon, I’m looking forward to bringing back the show forecasts and keeping track of who to see and when. As always, think about safety and risk management when planning on going to ANY show for the time being. Current CDC guidelines recommend wearing a mask outdoors if you’re in a crowd so don’t be shamed into not doing it. Monitor your comfort level and be aware that others may not be on your same level mask/risk wise.

My folk, we’re coming back slowly and surely. Keep buying local, keep practicing and recording, and GET VACCINATED so we can have a really awesome Fall.

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